Adapt Insights

Has retail really changed that much?

Omni-channel, every channel, online, digital, bricks and mortar, augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, 3D printing…I think it’s clear that innovation has changed the customer experience dramatically. I’ve been on a...

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Superhuman Interview

Having spent the past decade conducting over 5,000 interviews, I know in about 8 seconds, the ones that are going to go well and the ones that are not. Some people say they love interviews, others and this is the majority, say they don’t. This is no...

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Create Positive Change From Within

Here at Adapt our ethos is to Create Positive Change. It is on our walls, our letter head, our business cards, it is our constant motivation for all that we do. While our clients benefit from this first hand the real strength comes from our team and ensu...

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