You only need 1 thing to land that job…

I’ve spent 5,000+ hours interviewing people over the past decade and there is one commonality across all the people I’ve supported find their next career opportunity, that separates the ones who nearly got the job, with the ones who got it.

They wanted it MORE and I mean WAY more.

That’s right. They wanted it so bad they couldn’t breathe. They went to the concert, bought the t-shirt, memorised all the lyrics, signed up to the Facebook fan page and slept all night to catch a glimpse of the band at the airport.

Of course Im talking about going above and beyond the normal online research into a company and LinkedIn stalking. I’m talking about being an employee for a week, living in the shoes of the company or start-up you’re talking to and bringing ideas to the table they themselves, haven’t even thought of.

Not because you think it might be the right thing to do. Not because you read this blog and thought I should do it. But because you’re obsessed with the very thing they want you to do. The problem they’re trying to fix. The pain point they have that only you can solve.

You rock up to that meeting with ideas, a game plan and some deep context of their current state and you wont be wondering IF you got that job you will be negotiating your start date after an hour of inspiration.

Get fired up by your purpose and Create. Positive. Change in every conversation and action.


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