Networking…having fun landing the dream job

Don’t worry I’m not offended…in fact I’m delighted you don’t need me. However only 20% of all jobs are obtained through advertising and 80% come through networks, so you better know what you’re doing! I‚Äôm not sure if you‚Äôve tried searching for a job on the internet recently but it‚Äôs a mine field. Therefore networking is the new advertising and the good news is…you already have everything you need.

The big difference now from when you last looked for a job, is the explosion of connecting via social media. The problem is, it’s already dead. It’s a bit like TV commercials we’ve just become oblivious to people reaching out and ‘trying to connect’ due to over exposure…marketing does that I’m afraid. Eventually all great innovations are ruined through over marketing. Do you remember when you couldn’t wait to open your daily Scoopon…with the latest laser hair treatment you thought you needed…yeh exactly. Therefore we need to understand that the same applies to networking. Authenticity, humanising the approach and working through a systematic process of reaching the ones we really NEED in our lives and cutting out everything or everyone else, will give us the focus we need to achieve our goals.

Best advice I can give you here, is to literally get a piece of paper and a pen and write down where you would love to work. What companies, which leaders, aligned to what value set and WHY! Pick out the industries that suit your experience and importantly offer you GROWTH opportunity…

Learning Scope is considered one of the single most important ingredients to future happiness in your job. Place this above all else and you will forever look back with clarity on what you achieved and how it’s helped shaped your future.

You now have a one page ‘road map’ with a clear destination. Load your LinkedIn account and bring up your mobile phone address book. Plot the key people of influence you have in your immediate network and further degrees of separation which could offer you help in achieving your goal. You will be amazed how many useful people you know!

But I’ve don’t that and I must be the only person without a network…I don’t have anyone that aligns to where I really want to work?

Don’t panic, the principle of strategically mapping and approaching your network is the same whether you know the right people or not and of course I’m expecting you to broaden your network through this process. The most important thing to remember, is that the approach is highly targeted therefore the journey will be achieved by the actions you take, not the circumstance you find yourself in. It’s never too late to build an effective, dedicated network, it just requires a focused mindset and BELIEF.

Finally, the approach. Naturally start with those who you know the best, and work from there. Ensure you have an agenda for the meeting even if it’s a cosy coffee…it’s easy to spend 59 minutes chewing the fat and 1 minute saying goodbye. Break the meeting up into quarters and have 4 clear points to achieve with the final one always being to obtain further connections…don’t be afraid to ask…by nature people want to help you. Write these down or get them sent in an email and record everything. Action these connections immediately and copy in your contact, making it as warm as possible. Rinse and repeat this process until you have reached your destination, learning and adjusting your style throughout to achieve maximum results.

In summary, rather than becoming disheartened because some stranger / recruiter / employer hasn’t returned your call or application for a job you DIDN’T want. Take control of your search have clarity on your goal, learn throughout the process and feel empowered on the journey to reaching your destiny. I look forward to seeing you in your dream job!


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