Here at Adapt our ethos is to Create Positive Change. It is on our walls, our letter head, our business cards, it is our constant motivation for all that we do. While our clients benefit from this first hand the real strength comes from our team and ensuring that as individuals we are continually striving to Create Positive Change within ourselves.


My avenue to push my personal boundaries and to create positive change from within has come through yoga. What I have learnt on the yoga mat is applicable to all facets of my life it has improved my personal relationships, my parenting, my studies and now it is influencing my role at Adapt.


We all know that knowledge is power but overtime I have come to realise that knowledge about self is the most powerful of all. Yoga allows me a true insight into my strengths, weaknesses, motivations, frustrations, distractions the list goes on. I often reflect with humour about how the dimensions of my mat (182cm x 60cm) have taught me more about myself than traveling the world. Everything I encounter on the mat, every challenge, every achievement can be applied to some area of my life off the mat. There is no escaping the insight that my yoga practice provides me.


Good Foundations
Through yoga I have an appreciation of good solid foundations. It is a constant reminder that the effort and thought put in early on influences the outcome. Yoga teaches me to look at the situation as a whole, often a small adjustment will have a positive or negative impact on my overall position. These small adjustments can assist when I am feeling overwhelmed and feel an emotional reaction taking over. Sometimes it is as simple as observing my breath or focusing my gaze. My practice encourages clarity of mind as I consider the small adjustments that will allow me to create positive change on and off the mat.


Continuous Growth
Yoga like anything else worthwhile is an evolving practice, it is never complete. There is always room for growth and self discovery. When I come to my mat to practice I set an intention, this allows me to bring purpose to my actions. I have always possessed an abundance of energy, this is something I am grateful for. By setting an intention in my practice I am learning how to manage this energy, one of my favourite yoga sayings is ‘Energy Flows Where Attention Goes’. Yoga has taught me that I have the power to choose where and how I spend my energy so that I can create positive change for myself and others.


A Healthy Perspective
My practice offers me perspective, I am an active, futuristic person I like to ‘do’, through my practice I have learnt the power of stillness. My practice has taught me the importance of observation and reflection, being still is a challenge for me and through yoga I practice stillness alot! Overtime and through observation I can see that through my practice, especially in times of stillness I am slowly building self discipline, self acceptance, tolerance, a sense of calm and an insatiable curiosity about myself and the world around me. Ever since I began consistently practicing yoga I can see and feel these benefits creeping into my life off the mat, slowly but surely creating positive change.


Yoga may not be your thing, it is certainly not for everyone in our household. What I do know is that everyone needs something in their world outside of work that makes them feel invigorated, challenged, motivated, and is an avenue for personal growth. For some this comes on the golf course, running marathons, reading books, climbing mountains, painting landscapes, for me I found it on a very small mat (this still makes me laugh). What we encourage here at Adapt is the opportunity for personal exploration and growth so that our team can find their inner drive. The activity that enables them to constantly learn new and wonderful things about themselves so that we can all create positive change for ourselves, each other and our clients. So, what‚Äôs your avenue? How do you create positive change from within? If you’re not sure maybe it’s time to start exploring.

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