An Insight from Beatriz Affonso one month into ADAPT


After only a few weeks working at ADAPT, and having come from a global recruitment firm, I would like to introduce myself, but also give you an insight on the ADAPT way.

Let’s start with me. It’s difficult to skip the part when I say I come from Brazil as it often becomes a topic in any starting conversation with me. In Brazil, I worked with Marketing and Public Relations but decided I wanted a corporate career with a consulting bent. With that in mind, and after having researched about the Futures Studies field, I migrated to Australia to complete a Masters in Strategic Foresight at Swinburne University. The course changed the way I see the world around me and enabled me to apply the tools and thinking into my everyday life (if you are intrigued about the course, feel free to contact me for more information).

Whilst doing some consulting work on the side, I got a full time job in Procurement/Supply Chain, and the role was the perfect opportunity for me to get out of my comfort zone, integrate in the Australian culture and build my network in Melbourne. Although Procurement was a great start and despite the fact that I did well within the business I was in, I knew it wasn’t going to be my career. That’s when I moved into recruitment with a global business. There I recruited Sales & Marketing roles across different levels and industries and worked my way up to a management position.

I am grateful I made the move from Procurement to Recruitment as I had the opportunity to meet incredible businesses and people, and I found myself in the consulting space. The relationship management and advisory work was and still is my passion.

Relationship management and talent advisory are where ADAPT shine. With so much competition in the business landscape in Melbourne, small businesses need the edge. So what makes ADAPT a great place to work and an even better business partner with that edge?

The business mantra of Create. Positive. Change. is a good way to start talking about ADAPT. This is clearly embedded into the company and one of the main reasons I joined the team. Being a privately-held boutique business with strong values and a passion for enabling positive development for partners (be it candidates or clients), is so refreshing.

Another important point is sustainable performance. Because great values and good intention alone won’t deliver for clients. With 14 months of operation, the business has delivered 98% of all assignments which is a remarkable result, especially if you compare to the industry average of 30% Рtelling me that by creating positive change for everyone involved with the business, the performance is only enhanced new levels. But how does ADAPT create positive change? By being genuine, relationship-focused, agile and adaptable. The values drive every interaction but there is no formula for our process; each client is unique and requires a different approach.

I also believe it is critical to mention that ADAPT does say no to potential clients. Yes, you read it right. At ADAPT there is no BS or fluffy sales pitch. Because being genuine and authentic sometimes means counselling businesses and individuals and letting them know when and why we won’t be the best partner for their needs.

I hope this helps you understand more about me if you don’t know me yet, and why the people at ADAPT are a great bunch to partner with.

Connect with me at ADAPT to discuss how I can assist you on your executive career journey. I am looking forward to creating MORE positive change in my life and for people around me.


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