Our Purpose

Our purpose at ADAPT is to connect our clients with the talent needed to create positive change for their organisations.


This is our mantra, and it is something I am so passionate about sharing with those that we support and partner with.


I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to have founded ADAPT. After the first 18 months I feel I have earned a doctorate in exploring the emotions which come with launching a start-up business venture… from the adrenaline of the 1st few months, to the excitement of your first client meeting, the fun, the nerves, the uncertainty, the disappointment…you get the score. As a good mate of mine who runs his own successful business said over lunch the other week… “running a business is like playing 18 holes of golf – some days you’re hitting birdies and it’s the best round of your life, then other days you slice the ball into the water and you can’t seem to find your groove, but when you finish the round, the scorecard usually comes out as a few birdies, a lost ball, a few pars and all in all – a successful round.”


Each day, each conversation with a team member or a prospective client is different but there is a reason why we do this….


After spending twelve successful years working for a large multinational, an experience I am very grateful for, I realised my passion for long term and close relationships with clients and candidates matched a need in the market – organisations looking to identify and engage best talent for their businesses – and ADAPT was formed. We are 18 months along the journey (probably only one golf hole into our round!) of building ADAPT into a leading, high impact executive search and advisory business. Whilst early into our foundation, I am very proud to say we have a culture of trust and genuine care for our people and an optimistic and agile approach to how we partner with our clients. I am so lucky to be doing what I love and also doing what I feel comes naturally to me – working with people every day and establishing deep relationships and genuine networks – this makes ADAPT who we are and ensures we deliver outcomes that facilitate positive change.


Our start-up phase has been everything I hoped for and taught me a great deal more than I anticipated. With some great foundations in place to support a strategic business plan, I am so excited for our future – all based around long term and deep relationships with people.


I am so very grateful for all the support we have been provided by our great clients, my family and friends.


Everyone at ADAPT looks forward to connecting with you in 2017.


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