Strengths in the Workplace

Here at ADAPT we have been thinking and conversing about our strengths. What are our individual character strengths that we bring into the workplace? How can we maximise the use of our strengths to create positive change for ourselves, each other and our clients? Once we scratched the surface we soon discovered that utilising strengths in the workplace could have a significant effect on our overall wellbeing, job satisfaction, staff retention and at the end of the day our bottom line.


A good place to start was the VIA Character Strengths survey ( The VIA measures the 24 character strengths that each of us have to some degree. It is a measure of all the positive aspects of our personalities that impact how we think, feel and behave. The top 4 – 6 character strengths the you measure in are those that come most naturally to you, they energise and excite you. It has been scientifically proven that people who are aware of and actively using their strengths in their workplace are happier, less stressed, more productive, more creative and have an overall sense of well being. They are also able to identify strengths in their coworkers and clients and use a strengths approach to bring out the best in others.


We actively engaged in a two hour workshop to really grasp the concept of our team strengths and explore ways we could use them in the workplace. It turns out that here at ADAPT we are a Curious, Loving, Socially intelligent and Hopeful team – amongst other character strengths. So what does this all mean for our workplace? Research supports that identifying and utilising each others strengths in the workplace will create positive bonds within the team and enhance motivation. The conversation has enabled us to start building a vocabulary of strengths in the workplace and to leverage these strengths when we are working together.


In one-to-one coaching we delved deeper inward to explore how we can effectively use our individual strengths in our workplace and in our personal lives to create positive change in all our interactions.


For further information on understanding strengths in the workshop feel free to contact one of the team to understand the benefits they discovered.


Some useful resources are listed below.


Book – Your Strengths Blueprint – How to be Engaged , Energized and Happy at Work.


Strengths in Workplace –

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